Non Sequitur; Family, Friends and the Holidays 2011/2012

Totally and completely out of sequence and out of context, but something I really wanted to share, and something I really need for my own sanity after being on the road (internationally) for over 30 days now; and that is good memories of family and close friends, good times and good ties to everyone back home: – Home in Austin, Antigo, New York, Milwaukee, Chicago, Washington DC, Bellingham, WA. and parts in between!

The following is a series of shots from get togethers from this past years holidays, kicked off with Heidi’s Annual Christmas Eve Party on the 24th and ending with various send off get togethers with various Birthday’s and Holiday’s in between!! All were amazing and seeing the pictures remind me of how many good people I have in my life! – Thank you all for being so close!! – Love you all HUGE! –

Heidi’s Christmas Eve Party! 

The Hosts: Heidi and Hanna!

The Crew: Great pic of good, fun friends celebrating a fun night!

The Rogue Shot Glasses: Fun Times, Fun Friends!

 NewYork at Dan and Teresa’s – With Family


Antigo, Wisconsin – @ Dave and Jenny’s Bar; The Refuge!! 

Mike, Dave and myself at the Refuge!!

Family and Good Friends!!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Chris & Family at Katie & Ryan’s new Home!!

Family Celebration in Milwaukee at Katie and Ryan;s new place!!

Back in Austin!!

Getting back into town and seeing Sylvia!!


Get together at Carol and Robs!!

Sayulita – Bon Voyages and Birthday wishes!!

Good Friends - Good Location

Mrs Roper and Sayulita Bay

Sorry to those how may have seen my FB update and potential duplicatation to what you have already seen – I was hoping to share for all and add some reference, just in case! – I hope you enjoy!

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About joesworldwatertour

I am starting this labor day, 2011 on an up to two year tour of the world to visit and work on water service projects in developing communities. I am a water engineer who has been working in the corporate world of consulting since I graduated from college too many years ago and I hope this will be a chance to use my knowledge and experience to give something beneficial back to the world. I am starting my adventure with four months of research and a little decompression time before leaving on world travels in January, 2012. - I love people and will be missing a lot of close friends and family over the time away, but also hope to meet and friend a million more ahead!!
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