The Final Leg…

Today we are two months from Christmas Eve Day and two months from getting back to the States and seeing and celebrating the holidays with friends and family!! Cannot wait!!

On this final leg of my journey, after leaving India and arriving in Bangkok I am entering  into a new phase of my travels with a new mantra, which is to just – chill.

It sounds weird, I know, coming from a guy who has been gainfully unemployed for over a year and who has been on the road discovering the world, but if there is one thing I have learned on these travels, it is that you are exactly who you are regardless of where you are and for me that is a complete to do list, A-personality, work oriented person. I have always been this way, and I have always blamed it on work or school, and sadly whoever my poor boss was at time for making me have too much to do, too much to organize, not enough time to do what I wanted to do. Well, what I have learned after a year of having no one to answer to, I still have too much to do, too much to organize, to many “to do lists”.  I found out I can make a project out of anything. Going to the beach, to do list, going to Ha Noi, to do list. It is just the way I am. In the long run, I am, we all are, I believe, exactly who we are, regardless of where we are, no mater the circumstance or situation! And for me, that is a to do list kind of guy. – So, in the land of Buddha, I am going just accept it and embrace it and do a new to do list with the single main goal; to chill – relax and rest and enjoy!

Wat Pathum Wanaram; Buddhist Temple in Bangkok, Thailand

On my two month remaining’s do to list, I am also planning to try to get in shape. I am about 100% sure that when I get back to Austin, my friends will be going for a run, maybe the Heidi Loop or other, but for sure one morning after I get back we will be out there early morning for a run, and I have to get myself back in shape to be able to run with them all. After a year on the road, I seem to have maybe enjoyed the plethora of new options in food and drink a little too much, and have had a little too much time on trains, and buses and planes and sadly it has left me a bit soft. I have two months of beaches and the like ahead of me, so hopefully finding some fun places to run and exercise will come easy. Being on a beach and seeing this pale blob and other in shape bodies all around me, should help motivate me as well.

I am also planning to take a scuba diving class in Ko Tao, maybe a Thai cooking class here in Bangkok or along the way somewhere else and ideally, albeit it is a little late, I am also hoping to take a photography class. – My hotel in Bangkok is right next door to the amazing MBK Center, which has every electronic known to the world at rock bottom warehouse deal prices. I am sure all the things are either knockoffs or second-hand or something discussed in the last Presidential Debate, for example I bought a replacement pair of beats by dr.dre, running earpod head phones, yesterday for 1/10 the price of what they were selling them for in the i-store in the mall next door, but with a scratch in my camera lens, maybe a new something to take a photo class with may not be the worst thing in the world…

I am also planning to make an assertive effort to meet more people. One thing that I knew, but it has been seriously proven on this trip, is that I am a people person, and people motivate me. So, to be able to do the above, I need to find some people who want to get in shape and run on the beach, and maybe take pictures and cook Thai food. High on my new chill to do list is to socialize and find and run and party with these people much, much more than I have been.

I am also planning to make my plan for the future, for when I get back home to the States. I hope based on what I have seen and experienced and worked with trying to eliminate the water issues in the world, that in the next two months I have a chance to meet and talk more with the mentors and experts in the field and see what I have learned and what they know and how we may be able to work together to help this issue for the long-term.

That’s it – Embracing who I am for the final leg, to do list and all. Enjoying SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, getting in shape and learning a few new skill sets and figuring out how to apply them to future life of to do lists.

Moving forward my blog post may become a little more sparse in frequency. I am coming into another beautiful part of the world, and I will share pictures of what I see and let you know how this new phase of the journey is going, but mainly I will fill you all in on it when I get back home in December – maybe on that run! – Can’t wait to see you all!!

Happy Season ahead!! Talk and see you all soon!!


Buddha’s in Bangkok

About joesworldwatertour

I am starting this labor day, 2011 on an up to two year tour of the world to visit and work on water service projects in developing communities. I am a water engineer who has been working in the corporate world of consulting since I graduated from college too many years ago and I hope this will be a chance to use my knowledge and experience to give something beneficial back to the world. I am starting my adventure with four months of research and a little decompression time before leaving on world travels in January, 2012. - I love people and will be missing a lot of close friends and family over the time away, but also hope to meet and friend a million more ahead!!
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5 Responses to The Final Leg…

  1. kathy duffek says:

    Joe, I love reading your blogs, they always put a smile on my face because they are so YOU, which is so refreshing.  I am really anxious to sit down and hear more.  But enjoy and take care on this final leg and Bonnie


  2. Henry says:

    Joe. Excellent decision … chilling out. For the person whose picture is next to the definition of ‘driven’, I applaud this. Channy and entourage are to be in Cambodia for most of November, leaving next Wednesday and routing through Singapore. You need to connect with him. Looking forward to having you back. Henry

  3. Crispin says:

    Joe, your “to do” list for two months is pretty awesome! My favorite? Running on the beach!!! it’s been wonderful reading about your travel adventures and seeing the gorgeous sights of the world through your camera lens! Thanks for taking the time to do that — and have a wonderful couple of months before heading home! Crispin

  4. Lisa Nash says:

    Joe, you continue to amaze us all…enjoy and continue to deliver great works!

  5. Mike says:

    I’ve come to some realizations myself. Reading the water world blog makes me thirsty.

    Joe, when you visit Virginia again , please visit when you can’t stay so long. And use the back door. I don’t want the neighbors thinking that I let just anybody over to the house.

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