There are many places that I have visited on my travels that I have thought, “I have to come back here”, but the first place that I truly have had the hardest time actually leaving was just this past week in Bali. I was there only five days, and maybe that had something to do with it, but I have been many places only five days, for that matter many places that i had been only one day, and after being there, where ever that might be, I was ready to move on and discover the next place. – Not so for Bali; I wanted to stay!

The crazy thing is I was headed to Australia, a new continent and new country, and one that I was really looking forward to visiting. I had heard stories that Australian women love the American accent – and of course all Aussie women are hot as all get out! Not to even mention seeing Kangaroos and Koala Bears in the wild and all, but regardless, with all that ahead, I still did not want to leave Bali!!

Serious white sand beaches of south east coast of Bali near hotel in Nusa Dua

Serious white sand beaches of south-east coast of Bali near hotel in Nusa Dua

Why the reluctancy… – I guess maybe because the island is all about rest and relaxation and rejuvenation, which is exactly what I was ready for! – Now with that said, as I look back on the five days in the midst of the R&R&R I somehow seemed to do tons. – I went diving one day on the north side of the island to see the USAT Liberty, which was torpedoed on WWII and stayed a float and only had one casualty, which was a guy who had a heart attach, only to be pushed back out to see after the main volcano on the island, Mount Agung, erupted in ’63, pushing the ship back out to sea 100 meters and making for one of the best wreck dive sites reachable from the shore in the world. – It was recommended by my dive instructor Annaleese in Ko Phi Phil and it amazing! I read a couple of books; Ken Follett‘s Sins of Our Fathers and finished reading World Without End, as well as re-reading the Love section of Eat, Pray Love ( to learn more about Bali). I went for runs on the beach in the morning and walks in the afternoon, saw sunrises near the hotel in Nusa Dua and had cocktails at sunsets near Kuta beach. I toured around the Volcano, Mount Agung, and saw the black sand and volcanic rock beaches of the north and the white sand beaches of the south parts of the island. I went to a wine tasting and celebrated Thanksgiving. I continued to meet great people from everywhere…- I discovered Ubud for a day and a night and walked the rice paddy fields and saw the country side and the ocean. I worked on my tan; the traditional bright red faced Irish tan – …and somehow through it all I had a chance to completely just chill and enjoy! – It was amazing – and hard to leave!

Diving Beach on the north of Bali called Talumben- location of the USAT Liberty - US Ship torpedoed by Japan in January, 1942 just off of Bali - The ship stayed a float into this beach with only one casaulity of a heart attach on board.

Diving Beach on the north of Bali called Talumben- place of the USAT Liberty – US Ship torpedoed by Japan in January, 1942 just off Bali – The ship stayed a float into this beach with only one casuality of a heart attach on board.

Rather than go on with words about all the happenings, I will let the camera do the talking for me and tell the story of way I never wanted to leave Bali. – Photo Log, journal and gallery below… – I hope you enjoy!

Sunset Bali 2

Sunset Bali 2

Happy Holidays from the Road

Happy Holidays from the Road

About joesworldwatertour

I am starting this labor day, 2011 on an up to two year tour of the world to visit and work on water service projects in developing communities. I am a water engineer who has been working in the corporate world of consulting since I graduated from college too many years ago and I hope this will be a chance to use my knowledge and experience to give something beneficial back to the world. I am starting my adventure with four months of research and a little decompression time before leaving on world travels in January, 2012. - I love people and will be missing a lot of close friends and family over the time away, but also hope to meet and friend a million more ahead!!
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3 Responses to Bliss

  1. Charlotte says:

    Wow, Joe. I spend a lot of time pea green with envy over your travels – but this just about takes the cake. Absolutely beautiful. I think you should get back here, work your tail off and do it again for your 60th year – just so we can enjoy your travelogue again!
    PS – I LOVE the Ken Follett trilogy!

  2. Sylvia says:


    I have added this to my “must-go” places. Thanks for sharing. My favorite photo was the message in the sand!


  3. mike says:

    If you meet a smoking hot Aussie women minutes before hopping on the tour bus to find Kangaroos and Koala Bears; Don’t get on the bus !


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