Joseph E. Sesil, P.E., Water Engineer

Building on an over 25-year career spanning water project engineering planning, design, construction, and management, I have spent the past 2-years as the National Director of Construction Management Services overseeing staff in the construction of $1.5B in clean water infrastructure projects. The prior 4-years, I directly managed a Program, staff, and client expectations on the Austin Clean Water Program (ACWP), which was a $400-million response to a USEPA Administrative Order. Under my leadership, the regulatory requirements were met and the Program was completed 2-months early.

Before relocating to Austin I served in several roles with the Chicago Water Partners, a joint venture where we served as the engineering and construction management arm for the City of Chicago’s Bureau of Water Management.  In this position I established the annual capital improvement programs for the distribution system and construction oversight of the treatment and pumping facilities, working closely with City staff.

My first role as a manager responsible for overall profit and loss, staff mentoring and leadership, and dealing with internal programs such as human resources and safety, started in Alexandria, Virginia.  Managing a diverse group of 30 employees that spanned expertise in engineering, field data collection, and construction administration.

In addition to my managerial acumen, I started my career in Northern Wisconsin under the mentoring of a professional engineer, leading to my own license. I completed the design of drinking water wells, pumping and treatment systems and storage facilities. I also completed numerous water system master studies; identifying community water needs and system hydraulic analysis.

In 2012 I am traveling around the world hoping to take the experiences, knowledge and skills that I have gained over the past 25 years working in the water industry and apply them to projects to provide safe drinking water to those in need around the world.

Technical Expertise

National Director of Construction Management Services, Boulder, CO. Working for a leading consulting company in the water infrastructure industry, I managed the newly re-organized Construction Management Services group. Under my leadership, we build the team up 45 employees with specific hands on construction and management skills including construction managers, resident engineers, inspectors and trades specific quality control testing staff. We increased project backlog to 5 years of work for the existing staff with the addition of large programs including the Colorado Springs Southern Delivery System, a 60 miles water transmission project. Other projects added and overseen also included a microfiltration water treatment plant in California and a new river water intake and pumping system. I managed the profit and loss for the department working directly with staff and clients to assure meeting expectation and growth.

City of Austin, Water Treatment Plant 4 (WTP-4) Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), Austin, Texas. Manager of Pre-Construction of the $359 Million WTP-4 Project consists of constructing the first 50 MGD of a 300MGD conventional surface water treatment plant and associated raw water intake lake tap, raw water pump station, two connecting raw water tunnels and two finished water tunnels. The CMAR contract signed in Nov 2009 establishing the terms and conditions for the overall project and providing for a Preconstruction Services effort to phased construction plan consists of five separate major GMP projects including: Raw Water Intake (300 MGD) and Intake Tunnels, Raw Water Pump Station, 30 MGD WTP-4, Jollyville Finished Water Tunnels and Final Site Work and Landscaping.

City of Austin, Water Treatment Plan #4 Environmental Commissioning Council, Austin, Texas. Project manager for the water treatment plant #4 technical engineering aspects of an environmental commissioning (EC) to evaluate environmental impacts of components of the construction and operations and maintenance of a new water treatment plant. Involved in the early stages of the EC with evaluating alternative site assessments criteria including engineering, environmental, and legal/real estate criteria with a focus for the team on the engineering criteria.

Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Program and Project Management, State of Texas. Program Manager working with the TWDB for managing over $300 million in ARRA funding for approximately 60 water and wastewater infrastructure projects throughout Texas. The disbursements of these funds required extensive federal reporting measures on many levels. The program’s goals were to retain the full grant allocation to assist Texas entities and position the state to receive any reallocation of ARRA funds from other states for the same purpose and to manage the ARRA program and individual projects to ensure that all funds are expended in a timely manner and that all required reporting, financial management, and construction is performed in accordance with ARRA and all applicable federal and TWDB statutes and regulations.

City of Austin, South I-35 Water and Wastewater Program Management, Austin, Texas. Assistant program design manager on a $200 million program to provide service to master planned growth area of south east Austin including approximately 70,000 linear feet of 36- to 48-inch water transmission main, a 50-mgd water pump station, 4-million-gallon water storage tank site study, and 15,000 feet of tunnel 36- to 60-inch wastewater interceptor piping. Duties included managing the program start-up with preparing an immediate action plan and program work plan, setting up program metrics and monitoring efforts associated with real estate easement acquisition, environmental assessments, permitting pipe alignment, hydraulic condition assessment and a program design standards manual.

City of Austin, Austin Clean Water Program, Austin, Texas. Program manager for a $400 million program implemented to address a 1999 USEPA administrative order to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows (SSO), which are violations of the city’s NPDES permits and the Clean Water Act. Directs program management efforts include identifying and rectifying existing conditions that result in SSOs and identify and implement programs and procedures to prevent future conditions that could result in SSOs. The ACWP approach categorizes system defects into those that are immediately contributing to SSOs or those that can be deferred for future evaluation, maintenance, replacement, or rehabilitation. Providing technical guidance to the ACWP program team on the review of SSES studies, flow data analysis and validation, hydraulic modeling, and ensuring recommendations are following standard asset management. The program consists of 100 capital improvement projects to be completed by June 30, 2009. Program-level duties include program schedule assessment and maintenance, managing the real estate acquisition team, tracking WBE/MBE participation, execute and document monthly progress meetings, tracking of specific project and reporting schedule and budget performance data to the city manager.

Chicago Department of Water Management, Professional Program Management Services/Capital Improvement Program (Chicago Water Partnership), Chicago, Illinois. Senior project manager in the construction of capital facilities projects including various upgrades to the Jardine water purification plant, South purification plant, and the 12 pump stations in the water system. Managed the construction of improvements to the ventilating system at the 960-mgd Jardine water purification plant. Updating of the HVAC system was required to meet current codes and to accommodate changing requirements in the facility. The work included the construction of an $11.5 million HVAC system upgrade to serve the treatment plant. Managed the control room upgrades at the 480-mgd south plant.

Chicago Department of Water Management, Professional Program Management Services/Capital Improvement Program (Chicago Water Partnership), Chicago, Illinois. Planning coordinator working in a joint venture for the Bureau of Engineering Services providing technical support in the prioritization and selection of water main projects for the city’s annual capital improvement plan to replace 1% of the city’s aging water main each year, totaling approximately 50 miles of water main per year. Working with setting up the approximately 200 projects per year for design and construction oversight by the partnership. Maintaining project and prioritization databases for monitoring and selecting projects from candidate for selection through construction. Performing and overseeing special projects including prioritization analysis of the distribution system, hydraulic model and GIS mapping of the system.

Chicago Department of Water Management, Professional Program Management Services/Capital Improvement Program (Chicago Water Partnership), Chicago, Illinois. Responsible for managing the records department, including maintaining current records updates of water system service plats, atlas pages and official atlas pages. Oversaw conversion to computerize storage and updating of records. Working on the future computerized access of all updated drawings through ArcIMS and scoping of the future citywide water system GIS.

District of Columbia, Water and Sewer Authority (DC WASA), Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Program Management Services, Washington, DC: As Water Section Manager oversaw staff on the construction program management at Blue Plains WWTP. The project included providing construction management, resident engineering and inspection services, quality control, safety oversight, and contract administration in support of a major capital improvement program at the Blue Plains wastewater treatment plant. Under a five-year contract, the team was responsible for six water improvement projects with a total constructed value of $419 million.

Navy Public Works Center, National Naval Medical Center Bethesda, Environmental Asset Management System (EAMS), Bethesda, Maryland. Provided project management and technical coordination of development of the first phase of a geographical informational system (GIS) using ARCGIS 8.1 and Visual Basic interfaces and web based ARCIMS and web interfaces. This first-year effort developed the ground work for the EAMS based on a needs assessment of the facility to identify what highest priority parameters are most critical to their mission and most easily assessable for the best baseline. Project included seven primary elements including GIS of the base map and water, storm and sanitary sewer mapping and database, document searches for SOPs, NOVs, permits, and electronic drawings, and database development for the current water quality sampling plan and compliance program.

Navy Public Works Center – National Naval Medical Center Bethesda, Comprehensive Best Management Practices Plan and Associated Projects (System Mapping & GIS, IDS Update and NPDES Phase II Evaluation), Bethesda, Maryland. Managing and participating in a four-task project to update storm sewer mapping and create a GIS of the storm sewer system and drainage basins. Evaluated existing potential pollutants and recommend the practices to be implemented to alleviate pollutants including a plan to implement, an update to the illicit discharge study (IDS), and an evaluation of the EPA Phase II requirements

US Marine Corps, Water Treatment Plant Chlorine Conversion, MCB Quantico, Virginia. Provided quality assurance oversight and project management of the conversion of the chlorine gas systems serving the mainside water treatment plant and the Camp Upsur wastewater treatment plants to liquid chlorine under emergency conditions contract for force projection purposes.

Appleton Papers, Inc., Industrial Water System Piping and Backflow Prevention Evaluation, Locks Mill, Appleton, Wisconsin. Designed an internal water system for Appleton Paper’s paper mill evaluation, including tracing the potable water system in a paper mill and identifying any possible cross connections requiring backflow prevention. Modeled the system hydraulically and water age, as well as performed water quality testing.


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